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How to Lay Artificial Grass on Soil

The moments directly following your purchasing of a house that you plan to live in for the remainder of your days on this earth will be filled with a lot of excitement and activity, since you would obviously want to spruce the place up to make it more to your liking once all has been said and is now out of the way. There is a strong level of likelihood that you would have a patch of bare soil in your front yard that is supposed to be a place for grass to grow, but we would humbly suggest that you keep this idea at a great distance.

The reason behind this is that real grass just isn’t sustainable enough to be worthwhile, especially since all of the water that it would drink up would have a much more positive effect if it was used to grow vegetables and fruits. You still need something in that area otherwise it would seem really bare and unfinished, so why not try out some artificial grass from that can serve as an adequate and more responsible replacement?

If you want to try to use some artificial grass mats on your yard, you might think that putting it on the soil is no big deal. However, you should know that removing soil is absolutely imperative since it contains a lot of organic matter that will turn into a veritable swamp underneath the fake grass which might spread to the rest of your garden and make it less fecund than might have been the case otherwise. It’s best to just remove the topsoil and replace it with granite dust or silica sand.