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What is a 302 Redirect?

The process by which people can access information through the internet is performed rather seamlessly by various protocols and programs that work invisibly inside of your system at any given point in time. However, learning about the mechanisms that are at play here can be fruitful to say the least. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that you might need to figure out how to manage your own URLs in some way, shape or form, and knowing how to redirect is a crucial piece of the puzzle you are working on.

The most fundamental aspect of the redirect 301 vs 302 debate that you should wrap your head around is that the 302 redirect is usually supposed to be temporary. You would need to do it in situations wherein your site is undergoing some kind of maintenance. Another thing that might make you need to use a 302 redirect at some point or another over the course of your career is your servers requiring a bit of an upgrade.

You can’t keep your site up and running if your servers are turned off, so using a temporary redirect becomes quite essential to the long term functioning of your business affairs. This kind of redirect helps curious customers to still get the information they need, and you can revert back to the regular URL once the job is done. Maintaining user traffic is of paramount importance because even the smallest kind of hiccup can result in ripples going out which would be catastrophic regardless of how hard you try to put some kind of a positive looking spin on it.