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Who is The Most Famous Accountant?

Accountants are likely not the sort of people that you would associate with fame and glory, but suffice it to say that the field of accounting is so pivotal to how things work around here that some members of the industry have managed to become household names, at least among professionals. There are numerous accountants that can safely refer to themselves as truly famous, but there are none at all that would come close to the level of renown that the father of accounting himself currently enjoys.

It might shock you to hear this, but the person that invented a huge chunk of modern accounting practices was actually a Franciscan friar by the name of Luca Pacioli! Pacioli, who is usually referred to as Fra Luca to recognize his role in the Franciscan community, lived during the mid 15th century, and he inspired many of the Odoni Partners CPAs that you might want to hire as well. He existed during the Renaissance period, and this just goes to show that this era was not just about works of art but rather various sciences were developed as well with Pacioli being the main contributor to accounting.

Since Pacioli invented accounting, he himself was called a mathematician. He came up with several techniques that helped make accounting more reliable, and it’s all thanks to him that modern commerce can be conducted with such a minimal level of effort. Double entry bookkeeping, a fundamental component of accounting as it is done today, was invented by him. Using this method helps businesses plan for the long term, and some of the bulwarks of our global economy owe a sizable debt to Pacioli and his genius.